You know the feeling.

That unmistakable, indescribable connection with a client.

When you know you’ve provided an unbelievably great service and she’s incredibly happy with the results of that service.

I call it Client Click.

It’s a mental connection with your client. A telepathic click that happens when you’re in complete alignment.

Wouldn’t it be great if that click happened with all your clients?

Let’s talk about how to increase those odds.


What is your brand promise?

A client hires you for a specific reason. She perceives that you have an offering that, when you fulfill it, she will receive a specific gain.

What you offer, the way you package it, and its successful delivery is your brand promise.

Potential clients have problems. They will gladly pay to have their problems solved. It’s your job to convince them that you have the best solution to their problem.

The offering by itself is not enough – the “thing” you sell, whether product or service, is only a tool. For example, you offer coaching services, but the prospective client isn’t interested in buying “coaching services”.

What she wants is the result that she will gain from your coaching services. She wants the self-confidence or money mastery or weight loss that you are promising to deliver as a result of buying your services.


Who is your dream client?

It’s easy to fall into the habit of accepting every client that’s interested in your services, whether or not the job is a good fit. And at the beginning of your business, that’s a genuine way to figure out who your dream client is.

But this trial and error method should provide you with the lessons to determine with whom you’d really prefer to work. This method helps you zero in on your ideal client.

Take a hard look at all the clients you’ve served. What were the solutions you provided for each one?

Pro Tip: Contact each of them and ask if they would be willing to write a brief testimonial for you. You’ll be amazed at how they’ll identify exactly how you delivered to solve their challenge!

Ask yourself, what was it that you liked (or didn’t) about each past client?

You’ll start to see patterns as you answer these questions. Indulge in visualizing your dream client. He/she may be fictional at this point and that’s ok.

Or, Dream Client may be someone you have already served or are currently serving. Identify as many challenges as you can that Dream Client may be experiencing and how you could offer solutions. This helps you identify your niche – the target audience for your services.


Expressing your brand promise

As you drill down into your desired niche, and start to identify their challenges, start to frame descriptions of your products and services in terms that your ideal client can relate to.

Your brand promise needs to address those specific pain points – how can you speak to these challenges? Your goal is to articulate what the problem is and how you can solve it.

You are speaking directly to the prospective client and you want them to feel “She understands Me”. This is the beginning of Client Click – it’s the first mental connection and happens because she believes you can solve her problem.


Packaging your promise

Equally important is the way you package or present your offering. To attract your ideal client, your entire brand needs to align with your prospect.

If you are trying to attract a high-end clientele, your brand needs to exude a luxury aura. If your target market is athletic and sporty, your brand needs to click with that segment. If they are college students, your brand must be in tune.

The more clearly you can identify your niche market and who they are, who you want to attract, you can tailor your own brand and brand promise to be closely aligned.

Get more tips in my free guide How Strong is Your Brand here.


Delivering on your brand promise

Delivering becomes the easy part when you’re clear on the niche, their challenges, and how you provide solutions:

  1. You’ve identified your target audience or niche, and the problems you solve for them.
  2. You’ve clearly articulated those pain points so the ideal client sees “She understands Me”.
  3. You’ve visually presented your brand to align with your ideal client.
  4. You know exactly how to solve each pain point.


How to uplevel your current brand promise

You may be starting to see that your current brand promise is not as crystal clear as you’d like. How can you improve the way you express your brand promise to attract your ideal client?

Try this exercise:

  1. Write down your current brand promise.
  2. Look at the list you made above, of problems you solved for past clients.
  3. Where are the gaps?
  4. Rewrite your brand promise to include the specific challenges you fix. The more problems you can solve, the better.
  5. Now, visit the websites of 3 of your competitors.
  6. Evaluate their brand promise – how clear is it?
  7. Does your new brand promise distinguish you from these competitors?
  8. Look at your own website and envision your new brand promise here.
  9. Take the steps needed to uplevel your brand promise on your website (Can you do this yourself? Your webmaster? Your assistant? Not sure? Contact Me.)

Bonus: Your website is where you can express your brand promise in its entirety. The next step is to work towards condensing your brand promise into a statement you can use throughout your marketing strategy.


Brain Work 

If you want to attract more of your ideal clients and fewer of the clients that are not the best fit, set aside some time to explore the answers to the questions in this article.

By becoming clear on exactly how you solve problems for your ideal clients, you’ll save yourself the anxiety of working with the clients that are not a great fit for you. And when those Dream Clients are lining up to work with you, your business will become more profitable.

If you’d like some tips on how to find time, space, and energy for Brain Work, check out this article on Tackling Big Projects.


Client Click 

A clear brand promise articulates the client’s challenges and your solutions in a way that you can express throughout your marketing messages, presentations, proposals, and more.

Your ideal client will buy your solutions when they perceive that what you offer is better than what they are doing and experiencing now.

The benefits to you? In addition to a steady stream of ideal clients, you’ll make more money, and increase your own level of self-confidence knowing you can truly help those ideal clients solve their problems.

And Client Click will become a regular occurrence as you attract more and more of your ideal clients.