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Brand Identity

The customer’s perception of your business is a direct result of your brand identity. Is your brand message crystal clear?

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Your brand identity is your business personality – it’s the key to the customer having the right perception and expectation about your offerings. If all your logo’d materials are not consistent and aligned, you are confusing and losing customers.

Website Design, Development & Maintenance

Your website is the hub of your brand and the digital handshake with a new client. Are you 100% proud of your site?

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Keeping a website current can be a full time job – but it shouldn’t be YOUR job. I will update your portfolio, news, testimonials, menus, service offerings, and anything else that will drive more sales.

Is your website accomplishing the goals you expected? A website should be a dynamic environment to showcase your business. Most potential customers will check the website of a company before deciding to do business there. If you are anything less than proud of your website, let’s give it a fresh new look.

Online Reputation Management

A poor review can be devastating – but we can manage your online reputation with proactive engagement.

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It’s not fair, and it may not even be legitimate, but a negative online review can damage your business. What can you do about that?

You need proactive system for monitoring online review sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook and responding to all online reviews – built into your marketing strategy. 

And a smart strategy is to get ahead of negative reviews by proactively garnering positive reviews from the silent majority of your customers.


Graphic Design

Consistent, branded visual materials reinforce your message to both internal and external clients.

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Communicating your messages starts with “Who is my audience, Right Now?” 

  • Potential Customers?
  • Exisiting Customers?
  • Stakeholders?
  • Partners?
  • Executive Team?
  • Front Line Staff?

Getting the right message to the right audience relies on striking visuals and targeted content.

Marketing Strategy

You have great ideas, but they’re not achieving the goals you expected. Ideas need a plan and a commitment to that plan.

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Marketing your business is an ongoing process – a commitment to a plan, engaging it, adjusting it, measuring it.

A Marketing Strategy takes your great ideas and thoughtfully leverages them to achieve a goal.

Do you have an exercise regimen? A yoga practice or weight training discipline? Your marketing strategy works the same way – you set your goal, then engage on a regular basis with the activities that will achieve your goal, making adjustments and refining where necessary.


Content, Articles & Blogs

Fresh content drives website traffic and establishes your authority in your industry. Stand above your competition by showing your leadership.

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Offering consistent, relevant insights about your industry is one of the best ways to show your authority, build trust, and score a new customer. You’ll provide the topic and I’ll do the heavy lifting – researching the topic and the SEO keywords, crafting the article, sourcing imagery, and posting it to your website according to your marketing strategy.

Offering a new service or product? Launch it by driving traffic to a new landing page on your site. 

Updating existing services? Everything on your website needs to be fresh and current.

Social Media Marketing

Where is your target market hanging out online? A consistent brand presence there will build awareness and recognition.

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A solid social media strategy needs to be part of your overall marketing plan. This is a low cost tactic to achieve the right perception of your brand. Get social! And you’ll get people engaging and sharing your brand and your business news.

Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing delivers the best return on investment of all marketing tactics?

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Email marketing has been around for a long time for good reason – it’s still the best way to stay in touch and top-of-mind with your customers. Let them know what’s new and why they need it.

Let’s Build Your Business

Marketing your business is an ongoing discipline, like a yoga practice or any exercise regimen.

Let’s establish your marketing plan and I’ll take care of it from there – implementing, adjusting, refining continually for optimum, powerful results.


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